Reusable Football Referee Game Cards (2-Pack Waterproof)

Reusable Football Referee Game Cards (2-Pack Waterproof)

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Buy official football game logs that are reusable and waterproof. Keep track of game time American style football information and stats using these flexible and pocket-sized cards. Easily erase and reuse the recorded game day information. Perfect for referees and coaches! NOTE: Each card is two sided with duplicate information on both sides.

Our waterproof reusable American style football game logs are essential for every football referee and official! Instead of discarding your game logs, you can simply erase and reuse them. The Write in the Rain 2-Pack reusable plastic football official game card is designed to track game stats and scores in any weather condition. It is suitable for all levels of football, from high school to college and semi-pro games. With its compact size of 3.35" x 5", this football referee score card easily fits into your shirt pocket. It is lightweight, flexible, and waterproof, allowing you to track football stats in any weather situation. Shipping is free within the United States, and all our products are proudly Made in America.

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